applesWith a commitment to sustainability and a strong d.i.y. ethic, I enjoy sharing information and folk wisdom in small, hands-on workshops. I strive to provide a welcoming environment where students can engage,  share knowledge, ask questions and create.

I have taught workshops independently, as well as in collaboration with Garden for the Environment, Produce to the People, the Institute for Urban Homesteading and California College of the Arts.

“Finn’s workshop was totally excellent. Their presentation style is clear, concise and well organized, and the hands-on portions of the workshop really brought the material to life. Thanks to Finn’s knowledge of and passion for herbal medicine, now I’m all ready to start making my own tinctures!” -Encian

“Everything about the classes felt welcoming, open, well-paced, interesting and informative.” -Alex

“I loved how accessible you made these skills in such an intimate environment. It felt very warm and inspiring.” -Emily

“It was a very satisfying experience, both because we learned so much so quickly and because it feels good to get that kind of instruction from my community.”        -Julia


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